Saturday, September 20, 2014


With all the yokes used in Tiramisu I had allot of egg whites left over. So I had to find a good use for them. Turns out Merenge Cookies are all egg white and sugar.
Technically I followed this recipe
 6 egg whites
 1-1/2 pinches salt
 1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar
 2 cups sugar
 3/4 teaspoon grated lemon zest
I just didn't use the lemon zest and I threw in some red food colouring. The food colour was weird because it didn't actually colour them on the outside. But the inside was bubble gum.
Turns out as much as I don't like eggs I look merenge cookies!

Friday, September 19, 2014

White, Striped, Pink

Here I am back to my white jeans. I am seriously in love with these jeans. They are so comfy!
I am not sure how I feel about the pink blazer, but I was cold and it was unique.
Now onto dessert! I bought peaches for something I wanted to make and it never worked out. AKA I was just so tired so everything started going bad. I was munchie one night so I decided to attempt frying the peaches and adding sugar.
I just cut them in half took the seed out and fried until they were soft and slightly brown.
Ironically (Kevin has me so paranoid that I am using this word wrong...) we didn't like the ones with sugar. Without was so much better! It was a good treat and so much easier than my Apples full of brown sugar.
Happy Friday!!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Cover It Up

This is another work shirt. If I have to wear them I am trying to make them work. Not sure this is working and I ended up taking most of it off as I got warm. But alas there it is. What do you do with a work uniform??? (thank goodness I normally don't have one, I would feel very stifled if I did)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tuck Them Into Boots

I can't believe it feels like Fall already! So sad :(
After yesterday's pants woes I decided to wear boots and skinny jeans. Nothing is getting wet with boots. Also nothing beats skinny jeans.
I have been having to wear work shirts lately. It's been hard to make outfit posts unique when work shirts are just so damn awful. Wish I could show you the latest one except it has so much propaganda that I can't edit it out without the whole thing being a blur...
I have decided to participate in This Flooded Sky's You're It Post. She is a great feminist blogger and I thought it would be fun.

1.  One or two periods after a sentence?
People put two??? That's just weird.

2.  What’s the most embarrassing thing you did for a crush?
Nothing. I am way to shy to do anything embarrassing. Though I suppose Kevin is my crush and the most embarrassing thing would be getting people to sing for his birthday and that happened this year.

3.  If money weren’t a concern, what would you do with your days?
hire a personal trainer, take religious and feminist studies, blog, snuggle with Kevin

4.  What is your secret talent?
Pretty sure it's still a secret.

5.  White wedding, city hall, or something in-between?
Guess we are going with something in-between

6.  Do you plan to change your name due to marriage/other preference?
I do plan on changing my name, mostly because even if I wasn't getting married I would change it, so marriage is just an excuse to do so.

7.  What is your favorite word/phrase?
Probably "shit" I say that allot or the F-bomb.

8.  What do you hate most about blogging?
when people start getting political. Not like actual politics but the blogging wars. I blog because I love to write.

9.  What is the best musical ever?
Ohhhh Rent, Mamma Mia

10.  Smoky eyes or lipstick?
Eyes definitely - I can't keep lipstick on

11.  Why do you write?
I write to release tension and help relax. It's a way of getting my feelings across because I can't speak.

Happy Hump Day

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Woes of Pants

I have been wearing allot more pants lately. It's been weird. Last year I wore pants maybe twice. I think this is because of my clothing challenge. It's been difficult but I have discovered that I am almost able to fit back into all my pants. Not every pair yet. But it's been happening. It's amazing what eating healthy will do to one's body. Oh and removing gluten. Gluten is serious so damn yummy but makes me feel like shit.
Back to the point. Pants... When I wore this I realized why I hate wearing pants. It rained on my way to work, so my shoes were soaked and my a pant legs where soaked. Shoes aren't an issue I just changed them, but I couldn't exactly change my pants. I of course don't sit like a normal human being and so my butt kept getting wet because I would forget my pants were wet and sit on my feet.
I can't wait to finish this challenge.... I should just make it a rule to only buy dresses and tights.

Dear Pants,

You just aren't worth it...

XOXO Angela
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