Friday, December 19, 2014

A Night Out

Kevin and I went to a Burlesque show the other night with another couple. They told us to dress up, so we did and I tried out a new dress. The dress is a little showy for me so I wore my sweater the whole time. But I LOVE these boots and we had allot of fun.
The Burlesque show was good and yet at the same time I feel/felt conflicted. Burlesque due to movies and TV feels very romanticized now-a-days. We weren't quite expecting what we got. And while the show was good it's definitely not our thing. It was a blast hanging out with another couple and nerding out. Hopefully we didn't nerd out too much... ;)

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Decorations

I would have loved to have actually decorated this year. But it just wasn't to be. If I could guarantee that we would be here for Christmas next year I would go all out. But that is not the case and as such the decorating was minimal.
All we really did was put up some snowmen, ribbon the wall for a tree, and lights - lots of lights!
How did you decorate this year??

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Not-ly Wed Game

You've heard of the Newly-Wed Game, right? It's a game where someone asks you a question and you have to answer for the other person. I saw this as a blog post on East& and tucked it away. But I kept thinking about it, so I printed 300 questions and cut them into stripes and tossed it into a bowl. I enlisted Kevin and we began. Most of these photos are fairly old by now but I haven't wanted to post them because I wanted to safe it for the wedding.
So now it's closer and every Wednesday for the next few weeks I am going to do one question and answer. We had allot of fun doing it and I hope you enjoy them!!

First up
How do you define hospitality?

I'm a little excited and Kevin just thinks I'm weird... Oh well he must like me tons cause we are getting married in 47 days!!!

If you would like to ask us a question send me an email!!
Happy Wednesday!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Mr and Me

Kevin's sister gave me this dress. I am still not sure if I like it. Stripes have never really been my thing. I love how the top part of the dress feels. But the stomach area bothers me. Though going to the gym has been helping, I am still nowhere near where feeling 100%! But I'm getting there! Also I don't know how to label things now that I am not working!! Gah... so many things to think about reworking!

Monday, December 15, 2014


Last Weeks Wishes
Hit up the Gym - not as much as I wanted but it's a start!
Find out what gym I can go to in Lethbridge with my gym card - nope this is harder than I thought
Met with Marriage Commissioners - met with two. One did the assumptive sale thing and the other was I will work with you and go through everything. At first we were going with the first option because we need someone who will be in charge and take control. But now we really like the personalization of the second option. So I have to figure out a polite email to the first...
Find a Caterer - getting closer and closer. But hopefully I will finalize this this week.
Find invitations to a children's event - not even close
Prep for South Hill Social - yup. Read about it here!!
Host South Hill Social - yup! See that above link.

This weeks wishes (OMG so many things!!)
1. Gym Classes (I have selected actually classes I want to attend, now I just gotta go)
2. Thursday is my busiest day including
- meeting an old co-worker to give her her parking pass back
- having lunch with Abigail
- attending a lunch going away party
- taking someone to the airport :(
- attending another going away party
But in that I also want to
3. Buy a gift card
4. Go to a band event
5. Take another person to the airport
6. Finalized the catering
7. Plan the Childrens Event
8. Organize Pictures and Board Games

It's gonna be a wonderful week! I can just feel it!! Happy Monday!
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