Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Baby Shower Gift

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Challenge Done

I have decided that the perfect way to start off a new month is to end my challenge. I am not really sure what the success was. I didn't wear every shirt. I threw away a few/decided not to wear others. But overall I am happy. I had 34 outfits, that is a crazy about of shirts. I think in general I need to review what I have and decide what to do.

a. keep them all because they are awesome
b. give them all away because I don't wear them enough
c. do half and half... 

Either way. Here is links and dates of the challenge. The ones with two date are duplicates :( so I had duplicates but it is what it is. Also no challenge could be completed without the final smash of photos! So I created a collage - love those!
Thanks for following all and have a fabulous Tuesday! Now I need something else....

Monday, September 29, 2014

Drained all my wishes away

Our sink backed up. A lovely green morbid smelling liquid
Last Weeks Wishes
Wordfest - I am so disappointed. I won't even know where to begin if I could
BabyShower - It was fabulous and
Goody Baking - posting soon
Gift Making - also posting soon!
and more Wordfest - I feel so unprepared and I don't know what to do so this must be solved. - still not talking about it
Then it was a love brown color
This Weeks Wishes
Get over my cold/cough
Get organized for Wordfest
Figure out gym plan

Plumbers came and tore up the sink.
I am not losing my damage deposit because of my damn landlord is being an idiot
and won't call the plumber the first time

It's been one of those weeks... months actually. Nothing seems to be working well right now. I'm tired and sick. I'm going to take some time to figure out a solution. Not sure what that means but gotta figure it out. I was thinking of a blogging break but then I went through my list of stuff and that's not an option, so not sure what the next option is. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Baby Shower!

This weekend was Samuel's Baby Shower
Lots of people came and I think it was a successful event
The food turned out pretty good
(these are jello cups with melted ice cream)
These are Blue Velvet cupcakes that Kevin and I made
Jim and Sylvia 
Yvonne, Mallory, Sheena, and Sophia
Mikes Mom Susan and Dave
Val and Karen
 Cheryl holding Samuel
The Baby Game Table
Jessica holding Sophia
Karen opening presents!!
Mom, Gramma, and Eliah
and lastly my favorite picture of the night - Susan and Samuel

Saturday, September 27, 2014

A letter to my friends and family members who are having children

I am so excited to be an Aunt! I will be a wonderful aunt and I will spoil my nieces and nephews a TON! I will include them in many aspects of my life. I look forward to getting to know them, and go on many adventures with them and you! This is an exciting time for you! And I want you to know that I will be here, whenever you need me.

I know things are changing and while I will never join in on the child bearing journey, I want to watch you grow and change with your child. I want to be part of the process, I want to know about the terrible days and the good days. This is an important part of your life. I want to be there to share in that, if you want me. If you need a break, I will babysit or regale work horror stories. If you just need to chat about nothing, I can do that too. If you need a moment to spazz about something, I may not be a Mom, but I can handle it. Please be patient with me, my friend you are changing. It’s weird for me and I don’t know how to proceed, I don’t want to step on any toes, be overbearing or under concerned. Please tell me what you need, I will be there one hundred percent. I will let you know when the poo horrors are too much for me.

I want you to know that while your children are almost always welcome, there will be some events I put on that won’t be child friendly. Don’t be offended. If you can’t come that’s okay, we will arrange another time to get together. I live my life surrounded by just Kevin and myself so it’s easy for us to move and adjust our plans, but some of our plans can not be adjusted to accommodate children. This is a fact of my life and I would greatly appreciate your respect in this area, and I will do my best to respect your life.

I want you to know that while my life is taking a different direction from yours, I still want to know and be a part of your life.

So I'm terrible at endings so XOXOXO Angela

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